Read a selection of quotes from former players that have played with Stan below.

“I must say that Stanley’s all-round game was sensational… Stan’s first touch was the key. He had a left foot like a hand, and could put the ball anywhere he wanted it to be. It wasn’t a case of controlling the ball first, because he knew he could do that, it was what he was going to do after that. He was like one of those highly technical foreign players, he just had that type of ability.”

Terry Venables

“I can honestly say that he was easily the best player that I ever played with. He had tremendous ability, and one of my regrets is that we never played at International level together.”

Gerry Francis

“Stan worked hard, could score goals in the air, and was a complete team player. He headed balls off the line, and he had so much skill, balance, finesse and amazing touch. His mobility, that electrifying burst of 30 yards, was exciting to watch.”

Don Shanks

“Stan was a little bit unique… Dave Sexton understood him quite well. He thought the world of Stan, because he knew he was a great player. People say to me, when I do after dinner speeches: ‘Who is the best player that you’eve ever played with?’ Well, Stan would rank with some of the best I’ve ever played with. He was a superb player at Rangers.”

Frank McLintock

“Some of the things Stan used to do on the pitch were pure magic to watch. I was entertained playing in the same team. I used to watch him go up the line, firmly believing that the ball was out of play, but somehow he used to keep the ball going with a little shuffle, and then he’d do something amazing. His vision of the game was second to none. I used to find myself applauding and clapping some of Stan’s magic moments…”

David Webb